Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Today is Release Day!

Today is the official release day for Cherie Priest's latest Clockwork Century book, Dreadnought. I'm so super psyched that I hit up the bookstore last night just in case they had it out -- and they did (along with Rachel Vincent's Alpha. Note to self: next purchase is JT Ellison's The Immortals.)

I had a quick trip out of town last week to attend a conference for work. Choosing books for traveling is always a challenge for me because I want to bring my whole collection and not be limited in choices when I have to pick a new read. Most of the time, though, I don't actually finish books on trips.

This was the exception. I started a fantastic book the day before I left and finished it my second night in the hotel. Then I was able to read a second book at the airport waiting for my flight (long wait would have been infinitely more torturous without a book).

I figured, what with Dreadnought due out and my luck with Boneshaker on my last work flight, that Clementine would be a good one to bring along with me. And I was right! It got me clear through my gap between our event and my plane trip home.

Readers of Boneshaker might remember Captain Croggon Beauregard Hainey. In Clementine, he's chasing down the thief who stole his dirigible, Free Crow. Meanwhile, Belle Boyd, an ex-spy for the Confederacy, has been hired by the Pinkerton Agency. Boyd's job is to make sure that Hainey does not stop the dirigible Clementine (the stolen Free Crow) from finishing its mission, but neither Boyd or Hainey knows exactly what the ship has been commissioned to do.

Clementine is a quick read at just under 200 pages. Super fun stuff. Lots of action, dirigibles, shootouts on dirigibles. Belle Boyd is a fabulous character and I loved the addition of the Pinkertons.

Now, I believe that Subterranean Press still has copies of Clementine (but I could be wrong). I do know other places seem to be sold out. Word has it the paperback will be released next year, though, if you want to wait. It's so worth ordering now, in my humble book junkie opinion, that is : )

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