Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Supernatural Romance With Soul

Ok, even I have to admit that's a super cheesy title for a blog post. I can't help it. I'm kind of cheesy and unoriginal sometimes.

Anywho. I mentioned I'd been reading some teen titles lately. Kirsten Miller's The Eternal Ones was promoted as part of the Breathless Reads campaign along with Brenna Yovanoff's The Replacement. The two couldn't be more different, but it shows what an amazing selection is coming out for teens these days.

The Eternal Ones is a tale of love, revenge, murder, and reincarnation. Haven Moore was raised by her strict religious grandmother, a woman who has had a strong hold on Haven and her mother since Haven's father died years ago. Haven has always had visions and those visions have set her apart in her hometown. Even her own grandmother insists the visions are the result of some illness or even possession, a view shared by many of the small minded folks around her. All Haven knows is that when she sees Constance and Ethan, she sees them as Constance would have -- through her eyes. When she stumbles upon the Ouroboros Society website, Haven becomes convinced that the visions could be memories of a past life. And when she sees Iain Moore on television, she is sure that he is connected.

I love the idea of soulmates struggling to find one another through the ages. Constance and Ethan's backstories were one of my favorite things about this book. I did want more of the Ouroborus Society, but... I can't ruin this for you.

At times I have to admit that I felt a little old for this book. I think if I were my sisters' ages I would have gobble this book up in one sitting. I wonder what Miller will be up to next, though. A return to Snope City and more of a certain girl with the sight would be interesting.

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