Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Watch It From the Beginning

Blogging today took a bit of a back seat. Sorry. I got started with work bright and early. Otherwise, today was a very a pretty productive day. I wish every day was this good. Well, barring my sinus headache, that is.

We just got back from dinner with friends and I am totally stuffed. About to hit the tub with my latest read and defrost before going to bed (I'm an icicle after just a few minutes outside). And man, I'm totally beat!

While we were visiting, our friends put on an episode from the first season of Lost. I've actually been watching since the start, but fell behind this latest season. As soon as it hit DVD, though, I was first in line to catch up. Mike watched them a week later and starting hounding our friends, who had never watched the show. Well, they've started now and they're as hooked as we are.

If you haven't watched, now's as a good a time as any to start. The new (and final, I might add) season begins on Feb 2 and I'm really hoping that they play straight through to the end. None of this weird hiatus stuff that the networks are doing these days. I want a new episode every week until the final one airs! And I want everything wrapped up to my satisfaction!

Not a show you can just pick up and start in the middle. Fortunately, for folks who haven't started (or have lots of time on their hands) you can watch them all on DVD now and be ready and prepped when the new season airs. I'm caught up on 5 after some marathon viewing just a couple of weeks ago now, but I realize after watching just one ep of season 1 tonight that I really am LOST when it comes to all the innuendo and hidden clues that appear at the start.

Agh! There are whole websites devoted to what is going on on this show! And spoilers for season 6. Crazy! I'm going nuts over the promo poster, which I won't post here just in case. Apparently, everything in there is totally intentional. (Here's a link if you're curious.) I just want to know! JJ Abrams and his teams are taking over the world one tv show at a time!

Anyway. How about you guys? Any Lost fans out there? Are you dying to know what happens next? Are you all caught up? I was trying to post the trailer for the new series here, but I can't get it to work right. I'm techtarded. So here's another link for your viewing fun.


Jenn's Bookshelves said...

I'm catching up on Season 5 now. Can't wait for the new season to start!

Unknown said...

I have watched Lost from the beginning, and will not look at the poster or trailers. Can't wait until the 2nd!!!