Saturday, January 9, 2010

Pre Pub Book Buzz -- Mr. Shivers

When Robert Jackson Bennett's Mr. Shivers hits shelves on January 15th, I want you all to be prepared. It's a strange mix of horror and literature in a dust-bowl setting that will have you turning pages late into the night -- or at least I have been.

This is yet another Orbit release that proves, again, just how devoted this company is to releasing great new genre fiction. I honestly have had no complaints about any Orbit title that I've picked up. (See my Jesse Bullington post, Nicole Peeler post, and my Gail Carriger post for just a few of the latest Orbit titles I've reviewed).

Mr. Shivers begins with a man named Connelly chasing down a real-life boogeyman. The man, a stranger with scars on his face, killed Connelly's daughter. As the scarred man, some call him Shivers, moves west, he leaves a trail of death and sorrow in his wake. Connelly is soon joined by others who share his vengeful mission, all of whom are prepared to lose their own lives if that is what it takes.

Robert Jackson Bennett's style is thoughtful and engaging. An odd tale that has earned him a starred review from Publishers Weekly as well as additional praise from online reviewers. I've read a few so far and everyone seems to be saying the same thing I am: we couldn't put it down. Some are even calling him a mix of Steinbeck and King. All I can say is that the elements work and the book is a great one that will appeal to fans of many genres.

Like the trains that Connelly and his traveling mates hitch rides on, Mr. Shivers transports readers, but in this case to another world. A world where anything is possible in the darkest hours. A world where even death is fragile.

For more on Robert Jackson Bennett, check out his blog shufflingandmuttering.blogspot.com or visit the official Mr. Shivers website, where you can see the trailer and much more.

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Wow! Adding this one to my "must buy" list.