Friday, October 2, 2009

Murder at Longbourn

I'm going to make it short today, I'm actually trying to prepost for when I'm gone so I'm cheating a bit.

Tracy Kiely's delightful Austen inspired mystery debuted last month and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I thought you might as well. It's a cozy and the first in a new series. The heroine is, of course, a huge Austen fan, especially P&P. References are made throughout the book to Austen and her work and even folks who have not read the originals will catch them (if you have any exposure to Austen, you'll catch them).

Here's some more about the book itself:

Elizabeth Parker is a big Jane Austen fan. As is her aunt, the proud owner of the Longbourn B&B, named for the Bennett residence in P&P. Elizabeth was all set to spend her New Year’s Eve alone after a break-up with her cheating boyfriend, until her aunt invites her to her own shindig. The festivities were to include a murder mystery dinner and, as promised in the invite, “screams in the dark.” But when the lights came back on, a real murder was discovered and Elizabeth’s beloved aunt the unfortunate prime suspect. Now Elizabeth must unravel the mystery in order to save her aunt from being accused.

I found Elizabeth utterly charming and loved the fact that this could be considered Traditional British/Cozy with a contemporary twist. A light read for Austen fans and mystery lovers alike.

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Cheryl said...

I liked your comments. I just finished reading this book