Thursday, October 8, 2009

And Still Tired

As you all have read, I attended my 10 year high school reunion this weekend. It was kid of a surreal experience overall. Out of a class of 400, I think only about a quarter (and that's being generous) actually showed up. Sadly, not very many of them were my fellow band folk (shame, shame, all of you!).

My school was not one of those that knocked the band either. Or if it was, I was oblivious. Needless to say, I'm unclear as to why so many people (many of whom still live in my hometown) elected not to go to the reunion.

And to the idiot announcer at the football games and the folks responsible for giving him a mic, I say ugh! He actually announced that the class of '80 was there for their reunion (which they were) three times and actually said, aloud, "I haven't heard if there are any other classes in attendance tonight." REALLY??!! Just one of many flubs of the evening. He sounded like the vice principle from my high school days, which makes me wonder if he's melted into the PA system and they've been unable to figure out how to detach him or turn him off.

I'm totally beat. Yeah, still not recovered. Got in at 4 yesterday and haven't really shut off since then. First there was the matter of unpacking, then we had dinner out as thanks to our friends who fed the pets while we were gone and made sure the house was still standing for our return. Today I had work and house stuff. It's been almost nonstop and I could still use about 48 hours of sleep.

And I didn't get much read. Never do. I am the one who plans to catch up on my reading when I'm knocked down with some ailment and then ends up disappointed in myself when I'm too out of it to finish any books (a bout of mono in 9th grade didn't even teach me my lesson and I only managed 1 book that month!).

I did get to hang with the Junior Junkies who did get some reading done this week. One finished a Jeaniene Frost during my visit, while the other read half of Gail Carriger's Soulless. Sadly, I forgot to tell her that Jocelynn Drake's third book is out and sis had the honor of test driving us to the bookstore to spend one of her first paychecks, too. No worries, she made a purchase, the second book in Kim Harrison's Hollows series. And I got the other one to begin reading her first Stephen King!

All around a fabulous visit home, if I do say so myself.

There were some downsides: I missed my kitties and there never seems enough time to do all of the visits to all of the people I want to see, or the visits all seem sadly short. That's the major suckage about living so far away. Someone needs to invent a teleportation system and I mean quick.

Ah, well. Enough ranting for now. I think the new caulk on the tub is dry enough for me to defrost in the tub now (we got very light snow today and even that's too much for me to handle), so I'm going to jump back into Sarah Langan's Audrey's Door (super fantastic read thus far -- more about why I didn't finish this one on the plane another time) before I pass out with the help of my Ambien.

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Cheryl said...

Glad you are back safe. Get some rest.

Sounds like the Mic guy won't have been missed if he didn't show