Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Just For Fun Food Post

So I'm trolling around the internet this afternoon after talking to my mom about cooking dilemmas - hers: figuring out what to cook in the limited time that she has, that will be slightly healthier and that everyone will eat. Anyway, I bought mom the Sam Zien cookbook (see this post) after she saw mine (she got it for me for Christmas) and she was talking about how she had gone to the store with a few of his recipes in mind. Of course she didn't write a list so she essentially walked out of the store with a whole bunch of cheese and some basil (Sam has a some pizza recipes in his book that use store-bought crust and mom wanted one of these). 

So strange brain connections that I make, I start looking for a vodka pizza recipe. When Mike was in NYC working, I went up to visit him for a few days. I did a lot of internet trolling then, too, to find restaurants. Major foodie that I am, I wanted to make the most of my trip. One night, though, we went out looking for something cheap and tasty and settled on pizza. Course in NYC pizza places are a dime a dozen. But, we walked past this little place that had a sign advertising their famous vodka pizza, forcing our decision. 

It was a little (or big, because NY slices are rather big) slice of absolute heaven. I desperately want their vodka sauce recipe now. It was tangy and had a great spicy kick to it that I've not had in other vodka sauces. My friend's aunt has a recipe in her book for a vodka sauce that does call for red pepper flakes so I really want to see how it compares to my memory of that slice. 

Anyway, Mike has been back to NY a couple of times since then but seeing as how we were just wandering around, neither of us could remember where we had eaten that fantastic pizza. Little did I know, vodka pizza is not that big of a dish and this place has really made a name for itself with it. So, if I'm ever back in NYC, Pomodoro Ristorante on Spring Street is the place I'll be going. 

Oh, and lady, we totally saw you hit that car like three times while we were eating there! Just saying. 

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