Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I'm in the mood for

...something different. Actually, I know exactly what I'm in the mood for but unfortunately will have to wait another month to get it. Last year I posted a review for Gordon Dahlquist's fabulous debut, Glass Books of the Dream Eaters. The book was released August 1, 2006, and it's taken this long for the second title to come out. I've been waiting in anticipation for ages, you see!

Anyway, because I know that The Dark Volume is going to be just as amazing and strange as the debut, and because I know that anyone who has not read Glass Books will be completely confused if they start with book two, this is my last ditch attempt to get you all to run out and buy Glass Books before The Dark Volume hits shelves on March 24. 

I've not been able to snag an early copy of this Dark Volume, so here's some info from Amazon.com:

Gordon Dahlquist transfixed readers across the world with his dazzling literary debut, the epic Victorian tale The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters. Now the internationally bestselling author continues an adventure like no other, featuring three heroes you will never forget.

Awakening from a fevered delirium, Celeste Temple finds herself in a fishing village on the remote Iron Coast. She has no idea where her companions, Cardinal Chang and Doctor Svenson, might be—nor whether any of her enemies survived the dirigible crash that marked her last conscious moment. And while her body seems intact, she cannot say the same for her mind. For she must contend not only with the possibility that peril awaits her but with the memory of her traitorous fiancĂ©’s murder at sea…along with thousands of other memories that now live within her—courtesy of a bewitching glass book. 

Hunted by murderous opportunists and cruel mercenaries of every kind, Miss Temple, Chang, and the Doctor are soon propelled into a quest that will draw them one by one into a realm of reckless, lawless terror. At every turn lies another enigma—and the stench of indigo clay, the raw material used to enslave even the most steadfast soul. Now they alone stand in the path of a diabolical conspiracy involving the books—one that will mean an alarming new world where once-free-roaming minds are wiped completely clean… if they live long enough. As Miss Temple, Cardinal Chang and Dr. Svenson uncover the devilish schemes of their deadly enemies, the terrifying secrets contained in 
The Dark Volume will be revealed one by one. For the blue glass is more lethal than they’d ever imagined—and those who possess it, as well as those who pursue it, are playing with fire.

Pulsing with electrifying suspense, this uniquely thrilling feat of the imagination will grip readers in its dark thrall long after the final page is devoured.

Everything will be put on hold when this book hits shelves. I'm going to have to get it that day and I swear like Marina with her Harry Potters, I won't be doing anything but reading! I was sick as a dog when I read the first one and it was totally odd and wonderful. I expect nothing less from this sequel and want everyone to experience it for themselves! And I will surely keep you posted as I will definitely be reviewing this title once I have had a chance to get my grubby little hands on it. 


Jennifer said...

Glad to see you're feeling better! I think I will actually have to spend the money and get this one. Reading the description, I forgot how much I enjoyed the glass books and the characters. Should be very entertaining!

Becky LeJeune said...

Better is overdoing it a bit. I'm still quite out of it, makes for super fun editing! I'm starting to question all grammar and punctuation.

Marina said...

Cold medicine definitely helps when reading Glass Books.