Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Great Reads!

I can't believe I haven't posted a Kitty Sewell post yet! Well, it must be time, then.

So, Mike is home. Finally! He got caught in terrible weather on Sunday and had to stop the night 120 miles outside of Cheyenne. What should have been an 8 hour drive home ended up being 8 hours for just half and another 4 from there to make it home Monday afternoon. 

Of course to keep myself busy I have been seeing a ton of flicks, but I have read a bunch of books as well. One of the titles in my stack was Kitty Sewell's latest, Bloodprint. I discovered Sewell last year when I read rave reviews of her upcoming debut, Ice Trap. When I got my hands on a copy, I devoured it in a day. It was fabulous. Here's my review from Bookbitch.com:

Years ago, after a horrible surgical accident, Dr. Dafydd Woodruff escaped to the tiny, secluded town of Moose Creek, Alaska. Woodruff served nine months as a temporary doctor in the town and then returned to his home in Whales. Today, Dr. Woodruff is a much respected surgeon who has managed to put his past behind him. Woodruff and his wife have everything going for them, but have been trying unsuccessfully to have a baby. Then one day, Dafydd receives a letter from a thirteen-year-old girl back in Moose Creek. She claims that she and her twin brother are Dafydd’s children. The problem is Dafydd swears he never had any sort of physical relationship with the children’s mother. DNA results don’t lie, however, and Dafydd returns to Moose Creek to find out just what is going on. What he discovers there will change his life forever. This gripping debut is infectiously readable. From page one, Sewell snatches hold of readers and never lets up. Surprisingly enough, Ice Trap is inspired by – but not based on – an actual event in the author’s life. With her debut title already the subject of much buzz and nominated for multiple awards, Kitty Sewell is one author who will definitely be a great.

I loved everything about this book: the setting is amazing, stark, and chilling in multiple ways and Sewell's characters are rich and round and utterly real. And her writing! Agh, it's totally engaging, almost hypnotic. Bloodprint was no less amazing. If you're a fan of psychological suspense, you need to run out and get Ice Trap! Bloodprint hits shelves February 3 (I'll be reviewing it this week for BB).


Jenn said...

Looking forward to this one! It's on my review list for next week.

Cheryl said...

I have Ice Trap on my TBR list. I enjoyed Bloodprint

Vickie said...

I think you've just turned me onto another author! Dagnabbit!