Saturday, January 17, 2009

Better than ER!

I love medical thrillers. In fact, I think if I had been better in science I would possibly have gone into virology. But I'm not and so I didn't. Instead I read about others who are. CJ Lyons is one of the latest to join the medical thriller list and she's wonderful. I had the pleasure of meeting CJ at LCC last year where her first book SOLD OUT. Yep, the bookstore on site sold out of every copy of her debut paperback, Lifelines. I bought mine on the way home that evening so I could her to sign it the next day and I think I read most of it overnight. 

Since it is time for CJ's next book, Warning Signs, to hit shelves, I thought I would take this opportunity to post about the first book in the series. You know, to get you all to run out and buy both! 

So, here's my review from the Bookbitch archives:

July 1st, the deadliest day of the year. It’s transition day at Pittsburgh’s Angel of Mercy Hospital, the day when the new interns begin work. Dr. Lydia Fiore is also starting her first day as Attending Physician in the ER at Angel of Mercy. Before her first shift has ended, though, Lydia has the misfortune of losing the wrong patient. She is immediately suspended pending an investigation, despite the fact that it appears she and her team did everything they could to save the man. The autopsy shows strong evidence of poisoning, but Lydia is still not off the hook. She must uncover the truth behind the man’s death before she loses not only her career, but maybe even her life. This is a fabulous debut and must read for any thriller fan. Lyons draws on her own experiences as an ER physician to create a medical thriller that is way more intense than anything you’ve ever seen on ER.

Readers who enjoy Michael Palmer and Robin Cook will love CJ Lyons. 

I started reading Warning Signs just last night and can't wait to get back to it! It's just as gripping as Lifelines. Anyway, I've got work to do before I can get back to reading. Sorry again for the short posts guys.  


Jenn's Bookshelves said...

Oh! Sounds like a good one. Thanks for the recommendation, Becky!

Cheryl said...

I have Lifelines on my TBNR shelf. After your review I plan to read it soon