Monday, December 1, 2008

Looking for Adventure

I know a lot of people have been searching for the "next Da Vinci Code." It's always great to find a new author and a new book that you enjoy, but trying to find something comparable when you're still in the mood for said book can be difficult if you don't know where to look. I tend to be a spur of the moment binge buyer and have probably purchased about 75% of the DVC wannabes that have since been released. Digging through that stack to find some great adventure novels can be daunting. Rather than cull through the wannabes, here are some other adventure novels you might enjoy (most having nothing to do at all with the holy grail!). I also thought that with Angels & Demons set for theatrical release in the coming year, and Christmas gift season upon us, that this would be a good time to make some action packed adventure recs. 

First up is Steve Berry's Charlemagne Pursuit (or pretty much any Steve Berry for that matter). Charlemagne is due out in hardcover tomorrow and I've got about 100 pages left to read of mine. I love it. It's been keeping me up way past my bedtime these past couple of nights (work has interfered with my CP reading!). Cotton Malone makes his fourth appearance in this new release (first showed up in Templar Legacy). I think this is my favorite Berry thus far. It has to do with a sort of Atlantis type lost society and expeditions to Antarctica - one that led to Malone's father's death - in search of said society. Super fun!

I would also recommend early Matt Reilly. I loved Ice Station, Temple, and Contest. They were about a possible space ship discovery in the Arctic, a meteorite that had the power to be used in a massively powerful weapon, and an intergalactic gladiator event, respectively. Again, fun, fast, and blockbuster movie quality reads. These are my faves, but he's got many more. 

You can't miss James Rollins. Most recently, his books have tied into the Six Sigma group, but earlier releases are complete stand alones (they're all great). My favorite will probably always be my very first, Deep Fathom, another ancient civilization read. Ice Hunt is another that really impressed me and deals with yet another icy expedition. Noticing some themes here with me?

And finally, there's Jack du Brul. My first was actually the third or possibly fourth book starring geologist Philip Mercer (I can't remember exactly). At that point they could really be read in any order, though. Pandora's Curse dealt with the search for a Nazi treasure. I've yet to finish reading all of these, but they do start with Vulcan's Forge

So, if you're looking for something exciting and easy to get lost in, these are the books for you. They're especially good for guys who don't read much - they aren't complicated and there's enough action to keep them interested if they generally have trouble getting into a big read. 


Cheryl said...

Keep the suggestions come. I an enjoying them

Icedream said...

I love TDC and also try to find great adventure books. Thanks for this list. I have read some of these authors and own some books by some of these authors but the new Steve Berry is going on my wishlist!