Monday, December 15, 2008

Crazy, crazy

So my other is back in the big apple for work again and I am stuck dealing with the deadbeat roomie all alone and getting things ready for the big holiday trip home. Needless to say it's been nuts because I still have work stuff of my very own to finish up as well. Agh!

I'll try to catch up to a few posts today and get on the ball with this week's posts as well. Today, to continue the holiday shopping help (in the book arena, anyway) I've got some psychic detective recommendations!

It's a new trend that I have been snatching up when I find it. Why? Because I never get sick of seeing how someone new will handle the topic. 

Terri Persons tops my list with her two releases, Blind Spot and Blind Rage. In the series, FBI Agent Bernadette Saint Claire has the ability to touch an item that was handled by the killer and see through his eyes. It could be past, or present, or even dreams that she sees, but the goal is to help learn his identity. Oh, and there's a nice little twist on her power at the very end of Spot that was pretty cool as well. I like this series because Bernadette is an investigator first. She tries to keep her ability secret because it often earns her ridicule wherever she goes. 

Another one that's been getting rave reviews is George D. Shuman and his Sherry Moore books. 18 Seconds was utterly fantastic. Sherry can touch the dead and see the final 18 seconds of their life/thoughts. Sherry is also blind. 18 was followed by Last Breath and this year's Lost Girls.

Another one that I really like is Stephen Woodwoth's violet series. There are just four books to the series (Through Violet Eyes, With Red Hands, In Golden Blood, and From Black Rooms). The violets are born with violet eyes and have different abilities. Some channel artists and musicians to create new works and others, like Natalie Lindstrom, channel the dead and help authorities find killers. The books are all still available through Amazon. 

And finally, the only one that I have yet to read, Dianne Emley also hit shelves right when Shuman and Persons did. The First Cut is about LAPD cop Nan Vining who can hear the dead after a near-death experience. Looks like they're getting ready for some repackaging as First Cut will finally be released in paperback in December. Book two, Cut to the Quick, appears to be coming out in paperback in January and will be followed by The Deepest Cut in hardcover in February.

Happy Reading!

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