Monday, March 24, 2008

Ooh, gross!

I've been anxiously awaiting Scott Sigler's Infected ever since I first learned of it's publication, and the circumstances behind it. 

Sigler, author of two previous novels, Earthcore and Ancestor, is the kind of author you just have to admire, if not downright adore. Stubborn as can be, Sigler refused to take rejection sitting down, and thank GOD. When he couldn't get published, he began offering his books as weekly podcasts, soon after, developing a hard-core fan base. The industry finally took notice and like David Wellington, another web-based author with the same sort of idea, Sigler was snatched up by Random House and now has a major multi-book deal.

Infected is a story about "biological possession" (Sigler's own words). People all over the country are showing strange symptoms that include severe paranoia and extreme violent tendencies. The CIA and the CDC are working together to find the cause of this strange outbreak before it gets too widespread. Meanwhile, ex-football star Perry Dawsey has just become infected. The reader is treated to a totally grossed-out play-by-play as the infection spreads and I have to tell you I have not been so creeped out since The Hot Zone. Sigler's use of graphic description and really believable science make this an exceptional read. I have buggy skin just thinking about the book! 

Similar titles brought to mind by this book are, as mentioned, Preston's non-fiction account of marburg and ebola outbreaks in The Hot Zone and, believe it or not, Tess Gerritsen's Gravity (the last of her medical thrillers). Oddly enough, Infected seems to have been at least partially inspired by the totally weird Morgellon's disease. 

So, if you're in the mood for an incredibly yucky and wonderfully gory sci-fi/horror/thriller, I highly recommend you run out and get Infected when it hits shelves on April 1. This book junkie is thoroughly enjoying every agonizing minute of it!

Check out Sigler's site - with links to free audio versions of previous titles and news on upcoming projects, including sequels to Infected - at www.scottsigler.com

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Anonymous said...

I've been on the fence with this book...not sure if I wanna get it or not.