Friday, March 7, 2008

Day Two at LCC - Buying Mania

Rather than go into the panels I attended today, let me take the opportunity to express exactly the extent of my book addiction. Panel discussions will return tomorrow.

I really tried to behave this weekend. My ticket to LCC was not cheap, but I had decided that there was no way I could miss out on a mystery convention right here in Denver. There are over 100 authors at the convention and if I could afford to, I probably would have purchased at least one book by each.

As it is, I went into this with books by about 20 authors. I have not read all of these books, but I have read most of them. Some were accumulations from my days as a bookseller; books I intended to get to eventually and are still sitting in the ever growing TBR pile. I blame this on my first days in college when I feared that I would run out of things to read with no income as a freshman. Not so, my mom - oh great mom that she is - would tell me on bad days to relax and go buy myself some books, her treat. Somehow, the fear stuck, though, and I tend to buy madly when I have the funds.

Yesterday I bought 4 books. #1 I had been looking into buying for a while, #2 was the first book in a series that I had read a later installment of, #3 the author presented her series in an intriguing way and I wanted to check it out, and #4 was a paranormal mystery that I was curious about and thought my sisters would like. #5 was a gift for Mike. Not too bad.

Today, all constraint seemed to have flown out the window. I bought Jeanne Stein's The Becoming, first book in her vampire bounty hunter series, same reason as the above paranormal mystery, I like the genre and I bought an extra for my sisters. I also bought both of Marcus Sakey's books. He was on the Sex and Violence panel and, well, need I really say more? His books, by the way, have gotten glowing reviews by other bookbitch reviewers, including Stacy herself. I also bought Bill Cameron's debut, Lost Dog. Hm, he was on the same panel as Sakey... I bought Blood Ties by Lori Armstrong, again after hearing her speak, this time on the Dicks with Baggage, Modern PI panel. Finally, I bought CJ Lyons's debut medical thriller, Lifelines.

With my sisters' copies, that's 13 books in 2 days - mixed hardcovers, mass markets, and trades btw. I have cut myself off. I have a bagful of books that I already own that I will get signed tomorrow, but I swear I will not be buying anything else. I promise.

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Cheryl said...

Uh, Good luck with the no more purchasing books while you are there!

Sounds like you picked up some really good books