Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Triple Love Score by Brandi Megan Granett

Miranda Shane has a secret - an online identity building a massive following creating poems using a Scrabble board. The idea came to her one evening, after moving into her newest apartment, when an aging and unused Scrabble box kicked the bucket spilling tiles that spelled "poem" onto her floor. And for a poetry teacher, currently blocked in her writing, no sign could be clearer. 

But as that part of her life begins to come into focus, her love life takes a complicated turn. The one that got away, so to speak, is back in her life. And so is a hot Irish grad student. 

If you're looking for a fun story full of heart just in time for the holidays, Triple Love Score is definitely the book for you.

The book begins in the days just before Thanksgiving with Miranda Shane looking for an excuse not to go home for the holiday. Not that she'd skip, but the promise of seeing a man she'd pined over most of her life who then vanished without as much as a goodbye six years ago is enough to make her hop a plane to any location other than home!

But just as the dreaded reunion becomes a reality, a grad student begins making a play for Miranda. And in a moment of weakness, she finds herself open to the idea.

As if that weren't enough to make a girl's head spin, Miranda has been moonlighting as Blocked Poet, and is becoming famous for it. It's always been a bit of a lark, something she can enjoy secretly, but now it looks as though she can really make a name for herself doing it. Christmas comes and goes, as does the New Year, and Miranda's story twists and turns beyond her own imagining. And that's saying a lot for a creatively inclined person like Miranda. (Though as a character she believes she's more logic minded than she thinks she should be.)

Miranda will likely steal your heart, readers. In her, Brandi Megan Granett has created a character who is honest and authentic. She's smart and grounded, too. In spite of what happens to her. And even if she doesn't steal your heart, Lynn definitely will! (You'll see.)

Triple Love Score is a sweet read with a touch of poetry and a bit of steamy romance as well.

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