Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Happy Birthday Roald Dahl!

Happy Roald Dahl Day!

Yep, that's right. Today, what would be the beloved author's 100th birthday, is Roald Dahl Day. In honor of his birthday, there's a fun online party pack you can download with lots of activities and such. There are also some brand spanking new editions of Dahl's classics available in bookstores right now!

To celebrate I have some fun goodies to share! There is a HUGE giveaway for a collection of selected Roald Dahl titles (new editions, all), and I even have a great quiz for you as well (which can also be found in the party pack).

Test your Roald Dahl knowledge and try your hand at these (sadly no Witches trivia):

1. Who eats and entire chocolate cake in front of the whole school in Matilda?
Bruce Bogtrotter

2. What Happens to the Twits' furniture in The Twits?
Muggle-Wump the monkey and his family and a flock of birds stick the Twits' furniture to the ceiling

3. What is Willy Wonka's pink boat made of in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?
a hollowed-out boiled sweet

4. In Matilda, what is Matilda's father's job?
car salesman

5. In The Enormous Crocodile, what does the Notsobig One eat?

6. What is the name of the monkey in The Twits and The Enormous Crocodile?

7. In James and the Giant Peach what outdoor chore is James doing while Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker drink lemonade?
chopping wood

8. What are Matilda's parents called in Matilda?
Mr. and Mrs. Wormwood

9. What does the Enormous Crocodile crash into at the end of The Enormous Crocodile?
the sun

10. Who is Miss Honey's aunt in Matilda?
Miss Trunchbull

11. Which Roald Dahl story does Danny's father tell him at the beginning of Danny, the Champion of the World?

12. In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, what berry does Violet Beauregarde turn into before she is taken to the "juicing room"?
a blueberry

13. In The Enormous Crocodile, who flings the Enormous Crocodile into space?
Trunky the Elephant

14. What is the name of Mrs. Silver's tortoise in Esio Trot?

15. How does Mt. Twit catch birds in The Twits?
with glue - aka Hugtight

16. In Danny, the Champion of the World, what does Doc Spencer give Danny to eat?
cold meat pie

17. What does George make his medicine for in George's Marvellous Medicine?
his grandma

18. What is the name of the company the Giraffe, Pelican and Monkey work for in The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me?
The Ladderless Window-Cleaning Company

And now for the giveaway. To enter to win a collection of selected Dahl titles, simply fill out the Rafflecopter below:

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And be sure to check back here Friday for the answers to the quiz questions!

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