Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Vault by Emily McKay

Happy book birthday to Emily McKay! Today marks the release of The Vault the third installment in the fabulously dark post-outbreak vampire trilogy that kicked off in 2012 with The Farm.

When we left Lily, Mel, and Carter in The Lair, things weren't so rosy. The Vault begins right where we left off.

After facing what could be the ultimate betrayal, Carter isn't sure who to trust or where to turn. But with Lily infected and only temporarily saved, he does know that her twin sister Mel can be relied on to help. 

The two set off in search of a rumored cure only to realize that they may need to reach out to two very unlikely allies. As Carter sets off to return to San Angelo, Mel must go back to El Corazon where she left Sebastian staked to the ground... and hope that he's still alive. 

As with the other two installments, the story plays out in alternating chapters from each of the characters' viewpoints. And the characters are one of the best things about this series! It's likely a bit of a challenge for an author to ensure that each character truly does have their own voice. This is something that McKay really excels at, though. While it is sad to see Mel change so drastically from the girl we met in The Farm (because that definitely was one of my favorite aspects of the first book) seeing how she continues to deal with her altered state and her potential future, not to mention her warring feelings about Sebastian, is pretty captivating stuff. Then you've also got Carter and his own... feelings... to deal with and Lily's potential transformation into a Tick. Lets just say there's lots of dramatic fodder in this one!

I know I'm not alone in my excitement about returning to this world and this series. Rest assured, The Vault is a fabulous addition to the series. And if you haven't started these yet, what are you waiting for?! They're dark and fun, the world building and the setting are excellent, and - as I may have mentioned - the characters are great!

Rating: 4/5

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