Friday, January 10, 2014

Ex-Communication by Peter Clines

This third in Peter Clines's Ex-Heroes series made for the perfect weekend read. I know you're sick of hearing how sick I am so I'll just lay it out for you - I think I might have the zombie plague! Kidding, though it did feel like it. It's just a cold but it started on Christmas Eve and by this past weekend (when I was searching the TBR and settled on Ex-Communication) had developed into a quite painful sinus infection. I've got meds in hand now but am still not out of the woods. Anyway, we've been pretty holed up here what with being sick and it being freaking freezing outside and I've been reading lots!

Warning, there may be spoilers ahead if you have not read Ex-Heroes and Ex-Patriots as of yet. 

With Legion gathering forces outside their walls, the heroes of the Mount may soon have to come up with a new defense. Legion's war against the Mount continues as he develops more strategy in controlling the horde of exes that now call LA home. With the heroes on their side, the humans that live behind the wall have been fairly safe and secure until now, but political and religious factions within the population are starting to create tension. Things aren't helped when one of their own seemingly comes back to life and a new hero arrives with powers that defy everything they've come to know about the exes.

And yes, again, Ex-Communication made for the perfect read. Clines has created a cast of characters that readers come to love very quickly in the series. And any time one falls it's kind of heartbreaking! I kind of adore the way we keep meeting more of the heroes, too. Keeps things fresh. Within just a few lines, Madelyn quickly rose to the top as one of my new favorites (hubs loves this series and Barry is the one he's most fond of). 

The coolest thing about this one, though, is Max. Holy Moly! I don't know what Clines has up his sleeve but I could devour a whole series of pre outbreak Max stories! I'll be happy with more Ex-Heroes installments as well :) (Ex-Purgatory comes out next week so look for my review. Rumor has it there is a possibility there could be one more. I hope so, so do run out and buy up the series if you haven't! Let's get some word of mouth going.)

It's hard to go into too many specifics considering I don't want to give anything away. I'm already trying to figure out how I'm going to do Ex-Purgatory next week. It's crazypants! I'm a whole hearted fan girl of the books and the fact that Mike reads them as well makes them that much better since I have someone to talk to about them when I'm done. 

There's a nice pre-order promo going on right now for Ex-Purgatory, which (as I said) hits shelves next week (Jan14). Check it out here and click the picture to head over to the entry site.

Rating: 5/5


Pabkins said...

Jeezuz I can't believe I still haven't read the second book I loved the first one. And I loved his book 14. I need to get on this stat!!

Becky LeJeune said...

OMG! You definitely need to read them! They're super quick - I think each one has been an almost one-sitting read for me. I can't get enough of them!