Thursday, May 30, 2013

Armchair BEA: Giveaway and Literature

So today is giveaway day and the genre discussion is general literary fiction. This is going to be a tough one for me. I do enjoy quite a lot of books that I consider to be more literary reads. They are probably still very much genre fiction for a lot of serious literary readers, so I'm just throwing that out there and acknowledging it early :)

First for the giveaway. I've been cleaning my shelves and I'm offering up some themed two-fers. US only though since they'll be coming direct from me:

Summer Thriller Pack: Laura Lippman's And When She Was Good and Alafair Burke's Never Tell

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Summer Action/Adventure Pack: Matthew Dunn's Sentinel and James Rollins's Bloodline

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Summer Beach Reads Pack: Heather Barbieri's The Cottage at Beach Glass and Dorothea Benton Frank's Porch Lights

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Two of my recent favorites pack: Beth Gutcheon's Gossip and Liza Palmer's Nowhere But Home

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So to enter, just fill out the appropriate Rafflecopter before midnight, June 9. You can enter for multiple packs if you like. Please note that you do not have to be an Armchair BEA participant to enter to win. 

Now for the genre discussion. I'll be honest and say that I'm not even sure what literature is these days. I'm sure it's supposed to refer to a slightly higher brow, less dime store-esque type of work, but the lines have blurred so much in publishing that I think you might be hard pressed to find a truly accurate definition these days - and titles that back it up. If I'm honest, a lot of what's described as literature (genre-wise) doesn't really make it to my TBR.

My idea of literary fiction seems to lean these days to more serious genre stuff and I'm pretty generous with my "literary" tags. Justin Cronin's The Passage and The Twelve for example, are what I'd call literary horror. I consider Carol Goodman's work to be literary mystery while I generally tag Joanne Harris as literary fiction. I've tagged Katherine Neville's The Eight and The Fire as literary puzzles and Tom Rob Smith's Child 44 as a literary thriller. My tagging - and the reason I'm pretty liberal with my own genre descriptions - comes from being a bookseller and a desire to spread the "if you like this you should try..." love.


Unknown said...

I feel like Literary fiction is hard to define because it means something different to everyone.

Thanks for stopping by My Giveaway & Literary Fiction Post

The Relentless Reader said...

Hooray for giveaway day! Thanks so much for offering so many goodies :)

Meg @ A Bookish Affair said...

I agree with you! There's definitely some genre lit that could be literary!

Thank you for the giveaways as well!

Faith Hope and Cherrytea said...

luv choices - thanks!
2 choices at FHC as well -
1 is new release June 1st from author
you're welcome to check it out

Anonymous said...

Literary fiction is so hard to pin down. I agree with what Christy said, it means something different to everyone. It has been interesting looking at everyone's views on it today! Great giveaways!