Monday, November 12, 2012

Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet by Darynda Jones + Giveaway

Yep -- two tour posts in one day! It's time for another Darynda Jones post!

Ms. Jones has been busy, busy! Not only did she debut her new YA series last month with Death and the Girl Next Door but we've also got a brand new Charley Davidson installment as well! 

Book four in the series picks up two months after the end of Third Grave Dead Ahead. Charley is still recovering from her close call with Reyes's father and has picked up a bit of a shopping addiction while stewing, I mean recuperating, on her couch. Here's a little excerpt for your reading pleasure:

With renewed energy, I pulled back onto Academy— after hitting a drive- through for a mocha latte— and had just started for home when my phone rang.

“Yes?” I said, illegally talking on the phone while driving within the city limits. Scoping for cops, I waited for Uncle Bob to stop  talking to whomever he was talking to and get back to me.

My uncle Bob, or Ubie as I most often referred to him, was a detective for APD, and I helped him on cases from time to time. He knew I could see the departed and used that to his advantage. Not that I could blame him.

“Get that to her, then call the ME ay- sap.”

“Okay,” I said, “but I’m not sure what calling the medical examiner ay- sap is going to accomplish. I’m pretty sure his name is George.”

“Oh, hey, Charley.”

“Hey, Uncle Bob. What’s up?”

“Are you driving?”


“Have you heard anything?”

Our conversations often went like this. Uncle Bob with his random questions. Me with my trying to come up with answers just as random. Not that I had to try very hard. “I heard that Tiff any Gorham, a girl I knew in grade school, still stuff s her bra. But that’s just a rumor.”

“About the case,” he said through clenched teeth. I could tell his teeth were clenched because his words were suddenly forced. That meant he was frustrated. Too bad I had no idea what he was talking about.

“I wasn’t aware that we had a case.”

“Oh, didn’t Cookie call you?”

“She called me a doody- head once.”

“About the case.” His teeth were totally clenched again.

“We have a case?”

But I’d lost him. He was talking to another officer. Or a detective. Or a hooker, depending on his location and accessibility to cash. Though I doubted he would tell a hooker to check the status of the DOA’s autopsy report. Unless he was way kinkier than I’d ever given him credit for. I found his calling me only to talk to other people very challenging.

“I’ll call you right back,” he said. No idea to whom.

The call disconnected as I sat at a light, wondering what guacamole would look like if avocados were orange.

I finally shifted my attention to the dead kid in my backseat. He had shoulder- length blond hair and bright blue eyes and looked somewhere between fifteen and seventeen.

“You come here often?” I asked him, but my phone rang before he could say anything. That was okay. He had a vacant stare, so I doubted he would have answered me anyway.

“Sorry about that,” Uncle Bob said. “Do you want to discuss the case?”

“We have a case?” I said again, perking up.

“How are you?”

He asked me that every time he called now. “Peachy. Am I the case? If so, I can solve this puppy in about three seconds. I’m heading down San Mateo toward Central in a cherry red Jeep Wrangler with a questionable exhaust system.”


“Hurry, before I get away!”

Hopefully you're now dying to go out and grab a copy. It's what's been keeping me warm on this uncomfortably cold weekend! And now onto the giveaways:

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amy mccool said...

i have not read them yet but would love to

Mary Davis said...

Love this series.. Hightly recommend it.

Traci Horton said...

I love the Charley Davidson series! If you want a series with a lot of humor and wonderful characters then this is the one for you!

Marie Brown said...

I think with each new book to the Charley Davidson series, it gets better and better and even more HOT then the last! I adored this book and am looking forward to the next one in the series!

Heather said...

love love love this series, did I mention love?

Isis M. Nocturne said...

Well, I love EVERYTHING about the Charley Davidson series, but what I love most is that Charley is such a fun character. She's fun and feisty, just the way I like my heroines. :)

Yodamom said...

I love her snarky sense of humor. She never fails to give me the giggles.

slappylilly said...

I can't wait to read it!

Tiffany Rarrick said...
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Tiffany Rarrick said...

Love Charley Davidson series they are great reads. Once you start the book you won't put it down till it's done.

okcatherine said...

I love the Charley Davidson series. If you are a reader that has not started this series, you are really missing out. The banter is hysterical and the guys are freaking smokin' hot. You will love these books if you like ANY of the following, fiction, paranormal, paranormal fiction, fast paced witticism, strong female characters, strong and interesting secondary characters, alpha males, more alpha males, incredibly hot alpha males, grim reapers, hysterically funny grim reapers, red jeeps, New Mexico, coffee, mocha lattes, the son of Satan (okay, how bout an incredibly hot son of satan?), biker gangs, loveable doggies, well, to be honest, you will like these books if you like the written word, which you must because you are reading this on a book blog. Therfore, you WILL like this series. Go immediately to the bookstore or type in amazon in your browser. Trust me! If you don't like them, you can have my personal email address to complain to me. But you won't need it :)

Yami Neko said...

Darynda Jones writes this series with ups and downs. It's really awesome and I enjoy it!

Crissy said...

I love the way Darynda incorporates humor into even the most suspenseful and dire moments in the book. Charley's sarcastic and feisty temperament keep you really laughing. I really love this series!

awilliams said...

Darynda's Charley Davidson "Grave" books are awesome! You don't know what you are missing if you haven't read them!

Elizabeth H. said...

I love this series! Charley Davidson is such a great character. Funny as hell! I laugh out loud every time I read a book in the series! Can't wait for Fifth Grave!

IYamVixen2 said...

I love this series and I've only read the first one. Charley is a strong female character, kicks butt, and makes me laugh. The first book moved fast. The covers are superb and I want all of the shoes that Charley is wearing on each cover.

I would love to listen to any and all of them. How cool that they are available in this format!!

Misty Speer said...

What's not to love about this amazing series by the AMAZING Darynda Jones?! This series completely draws you in making you feel right at home. If you love laughing out loud and being so engaged in a story you forget the real world around you, then the Charley Davidson series is for you!

Becky said...

Wpuldn't be able to enjoy anything else without more books can't wait for the next instalment woohoo so exciting

Redheaded Bookworm said...

LOVE Darynda and her books. She is awesome!

bn100 said...

Haven't read the series yet.

Lily B said...

Everything. I love Charley, she is amazing and funny and the dialog is so awesome. And Reyes, how can you not love him

burbanette said...

I love EVERYTHING Charlie! She is funny, whitty, and daring! Oh, and Reyes Farrow is smokin hot!

Jary said...

Funny, sarcastic, coffee loving, kick ass chick... What is there not to love? Did I mention super hot Reyes!