Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Crossed by Ally Condie

Readers, I have to admit that even though I was completely blown away by Ally Condie's Matched, I waited a very long time to read this follow up. And I am so glad that I did!

Book three in the trilogy, Reached, hit shelves just this month and I waited until I had my copy in hand to dive into book two, which means that I got to jump right into book three! And with the end of Crossed in mind, this was very fortunate indeed.

After the events of Matched, Cassia and Ky have been separated. Cassia is on work detail planning her attempt to find Ky, who has been sent to the Outer Provinces. Deemed an Aberration by the Society, Ky has no chance of returning and Cassia knows that this is the only way to find him once again. Armed with a compass and the blue tablets stolen for her by her best friend, Xander, Cassia plans to make her way to the Outer Provinces by herself. She's prepared for a rough journey but before she can leave, the Society steps in. Cassia and a group of other girls are being sent to the Outer Provinces. The Society has been shipping people to the area on a regular basis, using them as bait in hopes that the enemy will believe the Provinces are still heavily settled. In truth, the people sent there don't last long. When Cassia arrives, she discovers that Ky has already made his own escape into the nearby canyons. This area was once Ky's home and he knows it well, but can Cassia survive long enough to be reunited with him?

Crossed alternates chapters between Cassia and Ky, telling the story from each of their perspectives. It's an interesting tactic that's effective here because both characters have very different backgrounds and, therefore, very different reactions to each of the challenges they face.

The history of the Society is touched on in further detail as well, but their motivations are still something of a mystery. What's more, the element of the Rising is added here and Ky in particular makes the reader question just who is actually the good guy.

I love this series! So much intensity, such great world building, and the creepy dystopian Society! I read Crossed in one afternoon and almost immediately started reading Reached.

As an aside, if you're currently looking for great holiday gifts, this trilogy now comes in a boxed set. Just don't plan on seeing your reader until they finish reading all three :)

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