Monday, April 2, 2012

Where's My Bookmark: Nightfall by Stephen Leather

It was so nice out this past weekend and I got in some quality time with more than a couple reads. As of last night, I had just under 100 pages to go on Stephen Leather's Nightfall and realized that I've had quite a few demon related reads of late... hm.

The folks over at Wunderkind were nice enough to send me over a copy of Leather's latest (or newest US release). Leather is quite prolific in the UK but only a few of his titles are available here thus far. Nightfall is the first in his Jack Nightingale series. 

Nightingale was a successful police negotiator until his last case ended in two dead bodies. He was unable to save the little girl who died first and was never charged with the death of her father, though truth be told, no one would have blamed him if he were responsible. Now working as a PI, Nightingale receives a strange call from a solicitor who claims that Jack has now inherited a large mansion from his recently deceased father. But Jack's parents have been dead for years. Turns out, Jack was adopted and the truth about his biological father is shocking indeed -- the man was either a total nutter or he sold his son's soul to a devil. If he's telling the truth, Jack has just three weeks before his soul is claimed. 

To be honest, Nightfall has been a super easy read so far. I jetted through over 300 pages Sunday afternoon. The story is interesting and Nightingale is a cool character. Plus all the stuff about the devils and whether or not he'll be losing his soul is intriguing. The best part though is that this is the first in a series: Nightfall is followed by Midnight (due out in June) and Nightmare. Come lunchtime today, I'll be finished with Jack's first adventure and see if he gets to keep his soul or not!

Nightfall is available in paperback and audio and is part of Amazon's 47North imprint, their sci-fi, fantasy, and horror imprint. 


Jenn's Bookshelves said...

You've certainly peaked my interest!

Becky LeJeune said...

I thought it was pretty good, Jenn. If I'd had the second book to move straight into, I definitely would have!