Monday, October 10, 2011

Where's My Bookmark: Cold Magic by Kate Elliott

One of the junior junkies has been RAVING about Kate Elliott's Cold Magic for weeks now. I did a little bookshelf reorganizing (and have Cold Magic on my TBR tackle list) so I pulled it down to crack open this weekend. The JJ is pleased.

At the moment, I'm only about 1/3 to 1/2 through -- I also hit up yoga so I'd have a little warmth over the COLD weekend, which did affect the amount of reading I got in. I can't help it! The cold makes me want to curl up and sleep until the warm weather comes back. Plus I was a little beat after class.

Here's a bit about the book from Kate Elliott's site (psst, if you follow the link, you can read an excerpt!):

Young Cat Barahal thinks she understands the world she lives in and her place in it. She lives with her aunt and uncle and cousins, and is best of friends with her beloved cousin Beatrice (Bee). The two young women attend the local academy in the city of Adurnam.

Unexpectedly drawn into a labyrinth of politics involving blood, betrayal, and old feuds, she’s about to find out that most of what she thinks she knows is very, very wrong.

And she’s going to have to make a run for her life if she wants to discover the truth, not just about her own family but about an ancient secret lying at the heart of her world.

Cold Magic is the first in the Spiritwalker trilogy. Book two, Cold Fire, was released just a few weeks ago.

I'm loving the set up in this story so far. Cat is feisty and strong-willed. Her parents both died under somewhat mysterious circumstances -- in fact, Cat's own parentage is somewhat mysterious considering she has access to all her father's journals from before she was born and there's no real mention of his relationship with her mother. Story there? We'll have to see.

My only complaint is the COLD SETTING! Agh. Could I have picked a worse weekend to read a book set in a world of ice or what!? Good thing my tea order from MODesTEA arrived Saturday! (Lavender Chamomile and a bright blue mug to drink it in.)

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Vickie said...

*grin* Those are the books I like to read in the smokin' hot summer. That's a good book, though, if it's making you feel the cold of the story.