Friday, October 14, 2011

Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor

Now I know what all the fuss was about! Let me start by saying that I love how careful folks have been in penning the reviews that I've come across. Everyone has been keeping the spoilers in check for this book (and for a number of titles I've been hearing about lately -- Unbecoming of Mara Dyer for example). And I'm definitely not going to ruin the fun by posting any spoilers here!

Karou is a blue-haired, seventeen-year-old girl living in Prague. She's an art student by day with a secret she keeps from even her best friend. She's a whiz at languages and travels the world -- all thanks to the monsters who raised her. Brimstone, a ram-horned chimaera, and Karou's adopted dad, runs a shop with doors around the world. He collects teeth and pays in wishes and sometimes sends Karou out to do the dealing for him. But an unknown person has been watching the doors and leaving marks. And before long, everything Karou knows will change.

Whew! This is just an utterly fabulous read in every way. Taylor's fairy-tale fantasy is highly original, well-built, and will leave you completely breathless with anticipation of what will come next.

I have to say, this is one that lives up to the hype completely! Taylor is a fiction force to be reckoned with, folks, and you should all go out and find out for yourselves why.


Cheryl said...

Going to have to check this one out.

Vickie said...

This was totally in my arms the other day and I put it back on the shelf! AGH!