Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Zombies, Zombies, Zombies in the New Year!

Oh, I do love zombies. I really do. You can tell by my faves last year that they were a strong theme in a lot of the books I read in 2010 and so far 2011 isn't starting any differently. My sister's following in my footsteps as well. She gave me a zombie bookmark (my second from her) and a fabulously difficult zombie puzzle for Christmas as well as a zombie beer pong game. Love it!

Which brings me to this post. Jesse Petersen's latest installment in her Living With the Dead series, Flip This Zombie, is now out on shelves and if you're as big of a zombie fan as I am, you definitely won't want to miss it. Hell, if you're just a little bit of a zombie fan, you won't want to miss it!

Petersen debuted her series last year with the hilarious Married With Zombies, the book that introduced married couple David and Sarah and set them on their zombie-fighting path (you can read more here).

Now, the couple have resolved some of their differences and are successful post-apocalyptic entrepreneurs hiring out their services as Zombiebusters Exterminators, Inc. An interesting new prospect comes their way and it looks as though the two may even be able to help save the world in this second of the series, if they can get along and survive, that is.

Petersen just has a wonderful sense of humor: dark and sarcastic. Lots of pop culture references to giggle at as well. And where the first had lots of zombie related couples advice, Flip This Zombie includes zombie themed career comments at the start of every chapter. Oh, the possibilities are just endless with the zombie self-help theme and the bickering couple. And fortunately, we only have to wait until this summer for the next installment, Eat, Slay, Love, due out from Orbit June 28.

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