Monday, August 17, 2009

At the Top of My Queue

I love online DVD rentals. I seriously do. I think it's the greatest invention known to man. In a day when you can walk into a physical movie rental shop and only find a gazillion checked out copies of the latest blockbuster movie releases to choose from, having foreign films and indies and otherwise unknowns at my fingertips without having to shell out $20+ to buy them is heaven.

Because that's just what I used to do. I had a membership card to a rental place that was between work and home. It was kind of a sweet deal, for a set price each month I could rent three movies at a time. No late fees. As soon as I returned one, I could get another. As soon as I returned three, I could get three more. And this place had a pretty great selection, in all honesty. But every so often I would really really desperately want to so some obscure foreign film and have to buy it or forget about it. I got some great ones this way, but I also got some clunkers.

This was back before I moved in 2005. Lo and behold, their location was not as convenient when I moved where I did, but we tried to rent anyway. I was told my membership deal only worked at the location I signed up at -- and, insult to injury, unless I cancelled it, I would continue to be charged for it even though I couldn't use it anymore. Yeah. I cancelled and never looked back. And signed up for online rentals.

So now, I get to watch movies galore and not buy them without test driving them first (but I still buy quite a few, too). Which is fabulous when it comes to things like what is currently holding top spot in my queue.

The fabulous Jonathan Maberry posted a link to a 9 minute trailer of a show that AMC will be doing this fall. The trailer was aired at Comic Con (oh, one day) but thanks to the internet is out there for all to see now. The show is The Prisoner and AMC is to air the mini-series this November. And I think it looks super cool! Here's a link to the official AMC site.

Anywho, I obviously was not around in the 60s to see the original British show -- I'm not even sure if it aired stateside considering my folks were on the young end of the tv viewing spectrum in those days as well. Mom most definitely does not remember it.

But, it's available to rent online in full! Yay. And I've got my hot little hands on disc 1 as we speak. Who knows, it may be a grave disappointment for this gen-y-er (sad but true, it does happen) or it could be in the realm of Logan's Run and Omega Man for me -- two older films that I think are fabulous. Older films I was introduced to because the 'rents are almost as big on movies as I am.

So, until I get to see Jim Caviezel as Number Six in November (remember to check it out), I'll be spending some quality hours with Patrick McGoohan and really hoping that this show is a great one (cause there's 10 discs in all).

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