Monday, February 16, 2009

Oh, such happy news!

So I started reading the new Deanna Raybourn this weekend. I can't help it. I normally wait until the week before the book is due out so that my review is up just in time for shoppers to see it and run out and get it (wouldn't want anyone to read about it, think it's great, and then forget because it's two months away!). It's really only a few weeks out and I'm actually quite certain that folks will probably be able to find it as early as next week. 

If you've not read Raybourn's fantastic series, I highly recommend them! I've posted about book one here on the blog, here's a link, and I guess it's time to post about book two. I mean I wouldn't want to give you 1 and then 3 with no 2, right?

So, straight from the BB archives, here's my review for Deanna Raybourn's fantabulous second installment to the Julia Grey series, Silent in the Sanctuary

In the second mystery to feature Lady Julia Grey, our heroine and two of her brothers have been having a rather extended holiday in Italy following the events surrounding the death of Julia’s husband. Their vacation is cut short when the family patriarch summons them home for Christmas. Apparently, the elder March became quite angered upon learning that one of his sons had gotten married while on vacation. The three siblings, plus one new daughter-in-law and a second Italian guest, soon arrive home at the family abode – a converted abbey that is now overcome with visitors in preparation of the Christmas holiday. Amongst the guests are two of Julia’s cousins, one of who is to be married shortly in the abbey chapel. Also visiting is the nefarious and dashing Nicholas Brisbane, also with a fiancĂ© in tow. Julia tries to act like this revelation is no concern of hers, but in truth, she is quite hurt by this news. Her own feelings are soon set aside when a body is discovered in the chapel and she and Brisbane are set in charge of the investigation. Once again, the two are working together to solve a mystery, this time in hopes of proving the innocence of one of Julia’s own family members. Raybourn’s remarkably addictive Victorian mysteries are a true delight. Julia and the rest of the Marches are charmingly quirky and the plots are both witty and fun.

These books are like candy! I just eat them up and the next cannot come out fast enough for me! And that brings me to the happy news. Originally, at least by the promotional material I had received early on, it seemed that this was to be just a trilogy. I did, bad me, skip to the end of the book to see if it ended with that same phrase that led to the others and it does! And so, directly from Deanna's own blog to confirm my happy suspicions that this is not the last of Brisbane and Julia

"And a quick note: I have run across a few mentions on the interwebs lately about Silent on the Moor being the last Julia Grey book. I don't know where that particular bit of misinformation hatched from, but I can promise you, it is NOT. The book I'm working on now is outside of the series, but by this summer I will be hard at work on the fourth Julia Grey. Spread the word!"

So here I am, spreading the word. Yay! I'm so excited. And now I have to run back and finish Moor because I am dying to know what happens.

Oh, readers looking for a great Victorian mystery with a little romance will LOVE these books. I promise, you will!


Cheryl said...

So glad to hear. I have book three on my shelf and plan to read it soon

Becky LeJeune said...

I finished it last night, Cheryl and it was FANTASTIC!

Deanna Raybourn said...

So glad you enjoyed it, Becky--and many thanks for spreading the word that there will be plenty more to come from Julia Grey!