Saturday, September 13, 2008

So Much Catching Up To Do!

Sometimes I feel so sadly and utterly behind in everything! Work's been crazy what with Fl piddling around and then all the storms that hit. I really did my darndest to pull in what I could before June 1, but it seems the citizens of the Sunshine State were bound and determined to drag their feet on this one. 

I've come to the end, though, with recipe collecting and now have just over 2 weeks to wrap up all my creative writing and turn it in for design. All I can hope is that the book turns out well. 

Add to that the fact that I have family being affected by all these storms. My immediates are at my grandmothers house riding out Ike at the moment. Hopefully no issues to their own home, but where they are right now is a bit further inland. My sisters would be enjoying the time off of school if it weren't for the whole mess of evacuations. The worst of it is that the youngest twin's dog ran away as soon as they got to my grandmother's, and they didn't grab enough to read to tide them over until they can go home. So, nothing really to take her mind off the fact that her baby is gone.

So, I didn't want to depress anyone with this post. I merely wanted to point out that a lot has been going on! Agh! It's enough to make you scream.

I have some catching up on reading to do as well. Some of the books sitting on my bedside table (all multiple titles in recent series for this post) are:

Sheila Lowe's first two Claudia Rose books. 
Lilith Saintcrow's first two Jill Kismet titles. 
The first two Ray Sharp books by Bleak House's Eric Stone
And the first two Kate Atkinson books that feature Jackson Brodie will have to be read after I read her latest, When Will There Be Good News?
Kathy Reichs's two latest Tempe Brennan books also beckon for my attentions.

If you've ever peeked at my Shelfari shelf, you will see that I suffer terribly from literus parinoius (yes, I made that up) in which I believe that I will one day run out of things to read and so must horde books in preparation. Sadly, it's an incurable illness that can only be helped by feeding the constant need and continuously replenishing any books that I do happen to finish. So, I read 5 books this week and turned around and bought 5 more. 

Yeah, I'm not alone! One day, I will catch up and then I'll have all these fabulous books for the junior junkies to get a start on, too! In the meantime, I'm going to read before I fall asleep. 


Cheryl said...

I hope things get less crazy for you. YOu are not alone with your fear of running out of books to read.

In fact because of you my wish list will always grow! LOL

Jennifer said...

Hope your family made it out ok. We lost power for a bit overnight, but that was the worst of it. May this be it for the season, cause I'm exhausted!!!

Vickie said...

I do the very same thing. Mt Git'r'Read is HEWGAH! Just in case there is a book drought.....I will be prepared.

Janet Reid said...

The third Ray Sharp novel is getting pubbed next month! Want to borrow a spare set of eyeballs, and buy one of my patented 30-hour days?

I share your backlog! I'm looking at the leaning Tower o' Literature myself!