Monday, September 22, 2008

Adventures with the Doctor are going to cost what??!!

When I was a kid, my dad would play Doctor Who on PBS and we would all gather 'round and watch. I was exposed to some pretty cool stuff as a kid, I must admit. I had my favorite Doctor back then, but realized that like all PBS BBC shows, the air times were crazy unpredictable. So it was sort-of, "Oh, it's on now! Let's watch." kind of thing. You could never plan on it and you never knew which Doctor you would be watching either.  

When the new Doctor Who with Christopher Eccleston (28 Days Later, Shallow Grave) began airing a few years ago on Sci-Fi Channel, I was super excited. Unfortunately, I could never program my brain for the proper air time. In case you didn't know, air times on Sci-Fi are not adjusted for Mountain time zone. Nope. So in seeing Doctor Who commercials, I'd have to then adjust 2 hours, something I frequently forgot to do, managing to miss enough episodes that I got frustrated and gave up. 

My uncle e-mailed me a few weeks ago telling me that one of his favorite new episodes, Blink, was airing. I was under strict orders to watch (or record, as it were) but managed to screw up yet again, recording an hour of Food Network at 3am. So I promptly put the correct disc in my rental queue and watched yesterday while indexing recipes. My infatuation with the Timelord has been renewed. Unfortunately, I learned that buying the dvds under my current salary is completely out of the question.

Yep, one season of the new Doctor Who will cost you a whopping $99.98. And what, my friends, may I ask, is up with that? I would really like to know! I guess I'll have to satisfy myself with merely renting until I mange to earn enough throwaway cash to spend $400 buying the four seasons that are currently available. Ah, such is life for the monetarily challenged. 

Anyway, I highly recommend renting them on DVD if you aren't a fan already. Unfortunately, it looks like amidst the millions of Stargate spin-offs and Cheez-Whiz original movies that Sci-Fi currently has on their program list, the only time they can squeeze David Tennant (the 10th and current Doctor) and his phone booth is at 5am (EST). So, if you have a TiVo (yet another luxury that I cannot afford) then you can program it in, if not, well... you could join me in the three hour marathons I'll be having with the DVD rentals. Oh, start with Blink, season 3 disc 4. It's super fun. Then you can go back and start with season 1.

Hm, all I need now is to be sucked into the books based on the series... bad, Becky!


Tez Miller said...

Confession: I've read an Alias book: Vigilance from the APO Series. Simply because I never ended up watching the show on TV, and the DVDs are too expensive. Though I have skim-read episodes on Wikipedia.

Anyway, the book had no character development, and that technology boffin really pissed me off. but otherwise it was a fun - if same-ish - read.

So up and away with you reading Dr Who...

Have a lovely day! :-)

Marina said...

Dr. Who is on Friday nights normally. Season ended a few weeks ago, that's why you won't find him on normal times!

Vickie said...

I'm trying to remember when I watch it. I think it's on BBC America on Saturdays. I am with you, though, I forget when it's on. Then watch to my heart's content when I do catch it. That and Torchwood....sigh.....