Wednesday, May 24, 2023

The Spider by Lars Kepler

Happy Wednesday, readers! Today I'm a stop on the Compulsive Readers tour for the latest in Lars Kepler's Joona Linna series, The Spider

Fair warning: while much of the series can be read out of order without major spoilers (mostly character development stuff), this one does contain spoilers for both Lazarus and The Sandman

Saga is on leave after recent occurrences, but that doesn't mean that a killer can't have her in her sites. And this one is playing a game. 

Saga had received a postcard saying she was the only one who would be able to save Joona Linna. But as time passed, the postcard got pushed to the back of her mind. That is until a tin figure arrives with her name on it. Saga recognizes the figure but only after the person is killed in a  truly horrific manner. 

But, brilliant as she is, Saga very quickly puts the pieces together and is allowed back on the force to assist with the case. Desk work only! And with the first clue, the postcard, she knows there will be nine victims. 

But the killer is one who uses intricate puzzles. And while they provide everything the police need to identify and even save the victims, the killer proves to be faster and perhaps even more clever than Saga and Joona. 

With Joona's life on the line as the ninth victim. Saga becomes increasingly desperate to find the killer—predictably going beyond the bounds of her newfound privileges and making herself the prime suspect. 

If you've read Kepler before, then you know that the husband and wife team are truly masters at plotting! And you know that they write twisted stuff!

If you're new to them: they're masters at plotting and writer twisted stuff!

This latest in the series puts both Joona and Saga in an interesting position. Both are suffering from the fallout of a case involving a killer that almost claimed both of their lives. And both are dealing in different ways. This particular case forces them to reckon with that fallout!

Readers, this is one of the series that got me through 2020. I'm not kidding! Beginning all the way back in 2009 with The Hypnotist, Kepler have proven themselves to be two of the best in the business! And following Joona, Saga, and the others throughout nine books has been an absolute thrill and, in spite of the fact that you might think I'm truly messed up, a pleasure!

The Spider is everything I'd hoped it would be complete with unexpected twists and turns! The authors put their character through the wringer and I am waiting on the edge of my seat for more!

If you'd like to read the series in order, it is:

The Hypnotist
The Nightmare
The Fire Witness
The Sandman
The Rabbit Hunter
The Mirror Man

The Spider is officially out tomorrow from Zaffre. (It'll be out in the States in July.)

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