Monday, August 8, 2022

Chinese-ish by Rosheen Kaul & Joanna Hu

Good morning, everyone! Today I'm a stop on the Random Things tour for Rosheen Kaul and Joanna Hu's Chinese-ish: Home cooking, not quite authenti, 100% delicious. 

I love food. Always have. And I really love books about food. Specifically cookbooks. It's becoming an issue :)

But what a good issue to have! 

To me, a good cookbook is clear and well written and exciting to the point that it inspires you to head into your kitchen and try your own hand at someone else's favorite dishes!

Chinese-Ish fit the bill in both those regards. 

The book uses a combination of illustrations and pictures (because, let's face it, pictures are pretty much key in making you want to try a recipe!)

The book starts off with a great section on "key information"—info on basics you should know and understand for the cookbook ahead (standard Chinese cooking techniques, "how to cook nearly every type of noodle," how to make dumplings, and even condiments!). And once we get past the basics, we dive straight into the authors' fabulous recipes! Some are more of a twist on a traditional dish, but everything is excellent! 

I had to start with "A Very Inauthentic Prawn Toast." I don't know why this was such a common dish on takeout menus back home but I haven't seen it on any menus since we moved! Which makes me sad. Being able to make it at home makes me happy!

Chao ta bee hoon (Crispy Rice Vermicelli Pancakes) are another win and a definite must make! 

There are multiple wonton recipes and multiple ways to cook them. Even a recipe for making your own wonton wrappers and a Wonton Skin Cannoli with Sweet Potato Custard (if you have any wonton wrappers left over!). 

Chinese-ish is out now in the UK from Murdoch books. (It'll be out in the States in November.)

Happy cooking!

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