Wednesday, September 8, 2021

The Chateau by Catherine Cooper

Good morning, everyone! Today I'm a stop on the Random Things tour for Catherine Cooper's The Chateau!

Aura and Nick are looking for a new start. And that's exactly what the chateau in France is going to offer them. With plans to renovate and refurbish the crumbling manse into a flashy B&B, the two have picked up and moved their family and lives to a new country where everything is full of promise. And, most importantly, no one knows about the what happened in London. 

But things are weird in the new house. Their toddler cries at night saying he hears voices and their electronic assistant goes off at random intervals. The locals, or other expats actually, are friendly enough but the move hasn't been as easy as Aura expected. 

But it all starts to come to a head when they attend the fancy Halloween party. Before the night is over, someone is dead. And it soon becomes clear that Aura and Nick didn't leave their troubled past behind at all. 

Ooh, I'm always down for family secrets and suspense!

Catherine Cooper's latest (my first by her, though The Chalet is queued up in my TBR as we speak!) puts a young couple in the middle of an absolute nightmare! 

Aura and Nick are struggling. It all started ages ago. Aura, a full-time stay at home mom, was close to her breaking point. Childcare wasn't part of the budget, but she found a way to make it work and go back to school. A career, a second income, and a chance to feel like herself again. 

But that's when the trouble really started. 

No one knows them in France. No one knows about their past. It's a real chance to leave all of it behind and begin again. Repair their marriage, be better parents, all of that. Except Aura still isn't exactly happy. 

We spend the first portion of the book completely with Aura and her POV. And she keeps their little secret way under wraps! And then we get to Nick's POV and some things start to become much clearer. 

I won't tell you any more. I don't want to give it away. And we don't find out who the body is right away either, which makes the pacing of this one both infuriating and fun! 

Don't worry, the pacing is absolutely perfect! Yes, I was dying to know what happened at the party and who died and why and how! I was also dying to know exactly what happened in London! And then who could have been out for Aura and Nick! 

Readers, I loved it!

Note: This one is out in the UK now and will release in the States in January. 

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