Saturday, June 19, 2021

Let's Fly by

Good morning, readers! Today I'm a stop on the Random Things tour for Giles Fraser's Let's Fly

End of term, 1979, Nick Hunter had planned to travel with his girlfriend. But after she breaks up with him, he decides to move to London and start a band. 

They're living a little rough, squatting in an empty house in Notting Hill. And the band itself is short lived. But then one of their songs is used in a movie soundtrack leaving Nick more money than he'd ever imagined. 

It's a lucky break that, years later, turns out not to be so lucky at all. 

Cut to 2017, Nick is up to his eyes in debt when his wife is kidnapped. And if Nick can't come through with the kidnappers' demands, he'll lose everything. 

Let's Fly is perfectly paced and plotted, the kind of book that you can sink into on an evening and read straight through before you know it!

Nick is an average guy. When we meet him, though, he admits that his luck has run out. Or, better yet, that he didn't recognize his luck when he had it. 

High school Nick is a bit sheltered. He's grown up in a boarding school, surrounded by other boys of upper middle class households. He's into music, so much so that he met his girlfriend at a show. And plans to travel via rail to see and explore new things before having to do the adult thing. 

But she disappears, leaving only a note of apology. Which is what causes Nick's life to take the track that it does. And who knows what would have happened had he not moved to London when he did. 

Maybe his life over the next almost four decades would have been dramatically different!

Let's Fly is a fun thriller, perfect for readers who like to see everyday folks forced to face extraordinary circumstances (in other words, great for fans of Harlan Coben in particular!).

Let's Fly is available now in the UK. 

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