Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Betrayal at Ravenswick by Kelly Oliver

Happy Wednesday, readers! Today I'm a stop on the TLC blog tour for Kelly Oliver's Betrayal at Ravenswick

Fiona Figg has just discovered that her husband is having an affair. Bereft and alone, she still manages to gain recognition at work enough so that she is able to take on an assignment of her very own!

It is rumored that a famed huntsman and now reporter may be a German spy. The man in question is staying at Ravenswick Abbey. Fiona is to travel there and, pretending to be a male doctor who specializes in poisons and women's ailments (because that's the role that was already in place when the former person with the assignment had to back out), spy for the War Office. 

That's the easy part. Unfortunately there is a death at Ravenswick while Fiona is in residence and she, as Dr. Vogel, but based on her studies, determines that the death is by poisoning. And she soon becomes a suspect herself! After all, wouldn't an expert in poisons be the most adept at poisoning someone?

This first Fiona Figg mystery is a fun romp through WWI England!

Fiona is a capable woman living in a time when women just didn't have that many opportunities. Which is why she's nervous about bringing attention to herself at work. And yet, having been left by her husband, she also finds herself with a bit of a why-the-hell-not attitude that's admirable. 

And gets results!

Soon she's working undercover, trying to tease out a potential German spy on British soil. And also maybe solving a murder mystery in her spare time. 

If period cozies are your cup of tea, Betrayal at Ravenswick is a perfect fit!

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Sara Strand said...

I enjoyed this one as well! Thank you for being on this tour! Sara @ TLC Book Tours