Monday, July 27, 2020

They All Fall Down by Rachel Howzell Hall

Miriam has won a spot on a new reality show! The filming location is a private island in Mexico and the prize is enough money for her to finally return to the life she was used to before her divorce. Not only that, it'll prove once and for all to her daughter that she's someone to be admired! And the timing is pretty perfect as well. 

But when Miriam arrives at the island, she learns that there is in fact no reality show at all. She and a group of others have been gathered on the island for a very specific purpose. 

And then one of their group dies. 

With no way to leave and no contact with the mainland, the group is stranded. And paradise or no, Miriam will soon find that she'll need all her wits about her if she's going to survive this trip of a lifetime!

When the book begins, Miriam is newly divorced and suffering from anxiety. She's also experiencing some sort of harassment just prior to leaving for her trip, something she's looking forward to putting behind her at least temporarily. 

But we soon learn that Miriam is not exactly what she purports to be. And that becomes clear when she starts to interact with the other people on the trip—none of whom are what they purport to be either!

I think I may never tire of Christie adaptations! This is Rachel Howzell Hall's twist on And Then There Were None and it is so much fun! 

I loved how the story played out in revealing the various characters' secrets. I especially loved how Hall manages to lull the reader into a sense of ease in spite of the knowledge that this is a play on Christie. The twists are a surprise even when you know they're coming, especially the twists in Miriam's own story!

I'm probably not the only person who tends to grow more fond of an author when I get the chance to interact with them in some way and see first hand just how fabulous they are. Rachel Howzell Hall is one of those authors. 

Last year I had the pleasure of attending the Pikes Peak Writers Conference for the very first time. I met with so many wonderful people in my capacity as an agent but I also had downtime to attend some of the panels as a fan, including a few that Rachel Howzell Hall took part in. I was very much looking forward to hearing her speak and she proved to be just as fabulous as I'd hoped!

They All Fall Down is out in paperback tomorrow. Hall's latest, And Then She's Gone, is due out from Forge in September. 

Order them both from your favorite indie via Bookshop!

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