Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Layover by David Bell

Happy Book Birthday to David Bell whose latest, Layover, hits shelves today!

Joshua Fields flies a lot for work. It's all routine at this stage, down to the xanax and alcohol he uses to curb his anxiety about flying. But a run in with an enigmatic stranger changes all of that.

They met in the gift shop, waiting in line. She seemed completely uninterested to the point of jetting at the first opportunity. But when they ran into each other again, she relented and agreed to a drink. They talked, unimportant stuff and nothing terribly personal, but Joshua felt a connection nonetheless. Which was why when she disappeared after kissing him, he decided to change things up following her to Nashville.

When they see each other again, though, Morgan Reynolds says she’s not who he thinks she is. In fact, she says she’s never met him before. Confused and embarrassed, Joshua decides to write the whole thing off until he comes across notices that Morgan is missing.

Determined to unravel the mystery surrounding Morgan, Joshua unknowingly places himself in very real danger.

Unputdownable is a word that's used to describe thrillers a lot. But sometimes there really is no better word. And in the case of David Bell's books, it's the most appropriate one for sure!

Bell excels at building plots that instantly suck the reader in. I consider myself to be the most introverted of introverts, but even I have had strange encounters in airports. And even if it's not an airport, random encounters with strangers happen everywhere. So Joshua's story begins in a way that I'd guess everyone can instantly relate to.

Now, where it goes from there, not so much. I, for example, actually haven't even had drinks with a stranger in an airport. Much less changing travel plans on a whim (oh, the anxiety that would cause me) to stalk said stranger (which is essentially what Joshua does). And that's where the book gets really good!

What is Morgan's story? Joshua just has to know and so does the reader!

Layover is the perfect kind of thriller. One that lets you escape reality for a bit and become entangled in a tale that wants to be read in one sitting!

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