Tuesday, February 26, 2019

My Fave Kids Books So Far

As much as I read, I never had much reason to delve into kids books before we found out we were expecting. But as soon as that happened, I started exploring picture books at an almost frenzied pace! I had a list of them on our registry, I was given a stack of them at my book themed shower, he's been getting them as gifts, and I've been buying a maybe unhealthy amount of them too. But as an enthusiastic reader myself (my husband reads his fair share, too) of course I want my son to love reading. And I love reading to him!

He's a fairly energetic child, constantly wanting to be on the move, but when we read he locks in on the pictures and seems to really enjoy hearing us tell the tales that go along with them. Here are a few of my personal favorites, mostly text and silliness driven:

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Dianna said...

Reading to your baby is so important. Good for you!
My kids loved the Baby Einstein books we used to find at TJ Maxx. They have flaps, texture, and sometimes even scents!