Wednesday, January 9, 2019

On the Same Page by N. D. Galland

Good morning, readers! Today I'm a stop on the TLC blog tour for Nicole (aka N. D.) Galland's latest, On the Same Page.

Joanna Howes has put her NYC life on hold temporarily to return to her childhood home on the island of Martha's Vineyard. The trip is thanks to her uncle who fell off a roof during a rainstorm and ended up laid up with injuries. And while Joanna definitely doesn't mind helping him recuperate, it unfortunately can't be her sole focus. For one thing, she left too fast to sublet her apartment, thinking she'd be back in just a few days when in fact it seems she'll be on the island for a few months! With rent coming due, Joanna has to find some way to make ends meet. 

Which is how and why she ends up freelancing for both of the island's papers at the same time. Except she can't really freelance for them both as Joanna Howes, which complicates things just a bit. So Joanna Howes writes for one paper and Joe Dias writes for another. 

That scheme alone might be fairly innocent but it's not the only one Joanna finds herself entangled in. Islanders are fighting a seasonal occupant who's decided to put his own helipad on his property. Joanna covers the issue for one paper just fine until she finds herself in a relationship with the very man who's created the issue! As the relationship grows, Joanna begins to find it hard to keep her double life going. And as she falls for the guy further and further, she knows he'd never trust her if he found out the truth. 

Galland's latest is a light and fun look at the lives and politics of small town residents. And it's inspired in part by Shakespeare! Which comes as no surprise to anyone familiar with Galland's historical fiction.

The characters here are quirky and lovable and it's easy to sink into the small town setting and Joanna's worsening situation. All of which come together to create a charming read perfect for anyone looking to recover from a stressful holiday season!

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Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours said...

My holidays were lovely but super busy with travel so I could use a book like this to help me relax and recover!

Thanks for being on the tour!

Danielle H. said...

This sounds fun and I love the cover and setting.

Nicole said...

HI there -
Due to a communications glitch, I only learned about this review last night - just wanted to say thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed it - Nicki Galland