Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Other People's Houses by Abbi Waxman

Frances is fine driving carpool. It staves off the loneliness of having the house to herself after her own three kids are all in school. But when one of the neighbors' kids forgets toilet paper rolls for a school art project, Frances finds herself in an awkward situation. Tiptoeing into said neighbors house, she's shocked to find the woman in a compromising position with a man who definitely isn't her husband. 

Anne is sure Frances won't tell anyone about her little affair. Her day to day life and her marriage have become so ho hum that the new, illicit relationship offers her new found confidence and something to look forward to. But what if her husband did find out - would it be worth it?

Iris desperately wants another baby, but she knows her wife Sara won't be on board. They're finally at a place with their six year old that they can enjoy nights out again. But Iris's baby blues are getting worse and even Sara can tell she isn't satisfied these days. 

Meanwhile, Bill has been keeping a secret from everyone around him. His neighbor Frances drives his son to school, but even she doesn't now where Bill's wife, Julie, has gone to. And he's not ready to tell. 

Abbi Waxman's latest explores the social politics of neighborhoods, family relationships, and spousal relationships in her latest and it's a hoot!

Waxman's talent for building fully fleshed characters that ring true to the reader is one that drew me in with her debut and one that is oh, so definitely still a stand out in her newest book. Each character, From Frances on down to little Lally and Lucas, jumps from the pages in startling reality. Their emotions, their motivations, their struggles, and their secrets are relatable and, in many cases, tug at your heartstrings. She understands people so much so that she has the ability to not only put together these fabulous characters on the page, but she knows exactly how to make the reader truly empathize with them, no matter what might be going on in their stories. Oh, and they're usually pretty funny!

The characters are what draws me and the humor is what keeps me, because let's face it, a book about various relationship issues and such could be a huge downer. And yet, the combination of that humor and those fabulous characters means that I'm right their alongside them and happy to be there even at the most tragic moments!

If you haven't treated yourself to Waxman's work just yet, I definitely recommend you do so immediately. Reading her work is such a pleasure!

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