Monday, October 2, 2017

Paradox Bound by Peter Clines

Good morning, readers! We had a somewhat sunny weekend here, amidst our days of gloomy drizzle, and I got some reading done! One of the titles at the top of my list, Peter Clines's newly released Paradox Bound.

Eli lives a pretty boring life in a pretty boring town. With one exception. Every so often, he runs into a mysterious person in an antique car. 

It's true. It's happened three times - the first when he was just eight and a half. Harry was tinkering with a Model A Ford and in a rush to get going. Just before the car disappeared, young Eli thought he saw another car, this one with a shooter aiming at the Model A. If that's not adventure for an eight year old, nothing is!

When Eli was thirteen, he met Harry again. Fresh off a run-in with the town bully, Eli finds Harry once again tending to the same Model A. Eli gets more of a chance to talk to Harry this go around, but also comes to the shocking (for a thirteen-year-old boy, anyway) realization that Harry is a woman! 

Then, when Eli is twenty-nine, ready and waiting for a sight of that Model A, he is finally rewarded. But though Eli has aged, Harry seemingly has not. And when he asks her to stay, she jets off anyway, on a mission, she says, to Boston. 

But that's not where Eli and Harry's story ends. The following day, Eli is approached by a stranger intent on learning where Harry has gone and what she's told Eli. Worried for her, Eli travels to Boston himself, desperate to warn the woman he's become just a little obsessed with before the stranger can find her. And this effort lands Eli right in the middle of a conspiracy that stretches the lengths of history! On the run, alongside Harry, Eli experiences adventure he could never have imagined. But it's an adventure that will end either in victory or certain death. 

Peter Clines is one of my go to authors. He can undoubtedly be counted on for a fun read each and every time, and this one is no exception. What's more Paradox Bound is a bit of a Doctor Who read alike!

So Eli has become obsessed with this stranger who occasionally crosses his path. Of course he would be, there's mystery and danger surrounding this person. Why does she drive a Model A, one that she claims runs on water! And why does she dress in a frock coat and tricorn hat? And who would be shooting at her? (If that even happened, because it seems Eli doesn't entirely trust what his eight-and-a-half-year-old eyes witnessed.)

Eli becomes fascinated by classic cars and keeps a constant eye out for Harry's next arrival. Which is why he manages to spy her on the side of the road one late evening after he's been out drinking with friends. And that encounter would have been like the rest had Eli not felt it his duty to warn her about what happened next.

What Eli doesn't realize is that A. Harry is quite adept at taking care of herself and B. his little mission to save her lands himself in hot water instead.

Paradox Bound is a wibbly-wobbly time-wimey sic-fi adventure certain to please fans of fun reads and, as I mentioned, Doctor Who. Both of which describe me to a T!

Highly recommended for your fall TBR!

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