Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Miss You by Kate Eberlen

Good morning, readers! Today I'm a stop on the TLC blog tour for Kate Eberlen's Miss You.

If a girl and a guy meet time and again, does it mean something? Is it fate pushing them together? Are they meant to be?

This is the question regarding Gus and Tess as their lives cross paths time and again. It begins in Florence when they're both eighteen, Tess is on a post graduation trip while Gus is traveling with family. Their encounter isn't an encounter at all but a brief notice on behalf of one on another as they each move along their own travels. And it happens like this time and again as their lives progress. So are they meant to be? Will they ever meet? Will either of them heed the call of fate? 

Miss You is being compared to Day One all over the place. I haven't read Day One so I'm not sure. Honestly I expected something bit more like Rosie Dunne (aka Love, Rosie), without the childhood friendship of course.

Miss You is literally the story of Gus and Tess - not Gus and Tess the couple but Gus... and Tess, individually. Chapters alternate between them as they age and move on in life. Occasionally their stories intersect, but they don't necessarily realize it.

Eberlen does a wonderful job getting the reader invested in each of these characters. Their stories are familiar - that of two young adults finding and making their way through life events and decisions. Some of them quite difficult. But I know I'm not alone in that for me the book was basically a big WHEN ARE THEY GOING TO MEET!? sort of frustration.

Frustration at times, wonderful anticipation at others. A definite combination of the two. I wanted to reach my hands into their stories and just push them into one another, forcing what I felt was an inevitable meet cute. And yet, whether they ever end up together is the drive of the story - and I won't tell you if they do.

Miss You is, at times, quite a heart wrenching read. I'd recommend having the tissue box close for sure!

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