Friday, July 29, 2016

Dark Matter by Blake Crouch

A middling academic with a wife and son, Jason Dessen is fairly happy with his life. But a quick trip out to his neighborhood bar for drinks with friends turns his life upside down in the most horrible way possible. 

Jason is attacked, kidnapped, and left unconscious in an abandoned warehouse. And when he awakens, his life is vastly different. Gone are his job, wife, and son. Instead, he's being questioned about things he doesn't understand by people he doesn't recognize. To them, Jason is a renowned physicist who's created one of the most extraordinary advances in scientific history. But can Jason trust this reality? Can he trust his own mind and the memories he's trying to hard to hold onto? 

Is there a way to get back the things he's seemingly lost?

Whoa! Blake Crouch's Dark Matter is seriously awesome!

After reading and enjoying the Pines trilogy, Dark Matter had been high on my reading priorities list. I am so incredibly happy to say that it lived up to my expectations. (Always a good thing when that happens, right?)

Dark Matter isn't a terribly short read, but it is a one sitting one for sure. It movies at a ripping pace, dragging the reader from one reality to another along with Jason as he tries desperately to figure out what's going on. His only motivation is to get back to his wife and son all the while trying to hold onto his own sanity!

Imagine if everything you knew was taken away from you and you then had to seriously consider the possibility that it was all in your head. Fortunately, or unfortunately, Jason hasn't imagined his life but getting it back might be an actual impossibility.

Crouch does delve into some quantum physics for this latest - Schrodinger's cat and all that. The science is brief, thankfully (quantum physics kind of turns my brain inside out). There are some science based ethical questions considered as well. At hearth, though, this is really a book about a man's love for his family and the lengths he's willing to go to to get them back.

And did I mention it's pretty much cover to cover action? 'Cause it really is! Crouch had already blown me away with the Pines books and I wasn't at all sure how he would top that, but I have to say he's at the top of his game with Dark Matter!

Highly recommended, you know, if you're looking for a great read and all :)

Rating: 5/5


Jennifer | Book Den said...

I'm reading this right now. It's so good!

Allison @ The Book Wheel said...

This one keeps coming up in my Twitter feed (and I think NPR covered it) and I'm looking forward to branching out of my normal genres to read it!