Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Fool Me Once by Harlan Coben

Maya knows horror and loss, she was a special-ops pilot after all. But even a tough ex-military officer isn't prepared to lose their spouse. Faced with being a single parent and still grieving her loss, Maya agrees to set up a nanny cam purchased by her best friend. It's to give her piece of mind, to let her know that her young daughter is in good hands while she's at work. But in reviewing the nanny cam footage one morning, Maya receives the shock of a lifetime: the camera captured footage of her dead husband playing with his daughter.

Since the camera was installed after his death, Maya knows this is an impossibility. And since she saw her husband get shot, she knows without a doubt that he's definitely dead. But the footage disappears shortly after Maya watches it, leaving her with no proof to show to anyone she trusts. Plus, Maya has suffered PTSD since returning from combat. It could just be another symptom of an issue she's not prepared to face. But her husband's casket was closed, on orders from his own mother. Much the same as that of her husband's dead brother so many years ago...

Harlan Coben has been a longtime favorite of mine. Ever since Tell No One released, in fact. And I'm not the only one - each new release is in high demand amongst thriller fans worldwide. I'm not kidding! Did you know he even has a new TV show airing in the UK? There's also a French TV show based on the book No Second Chance. (I just wish we had the chance to see them here in the States.)

His latest, Fool Me Once, debuted hit bestseller lists as soon as it hit shelves and is already in talks to be adapted for the big screen with Julia Roberts attached as star and producer. It's a perfect match in my opinion. I can definitely imagine Roberts as Maya and will be looking forward to seeing it for sure!

I know I've said it before, but Coben really can be counted on for high suspense and page-turning plots. Once you start any one of his books, you'll be hard pressed to put it down before turning the final page. I didn't even try to fight it with Fool Me Once.

Maya is an interesting character. First, she's actually Coben's first female main character. Second, she's a gutsy lady with a complicated history. But her history isn't explained fully until the tale is well under way. All we know at the start is that she's a widow whose husband was killed in a mugging she was in part witness to, she's now a single mother, she's retired military who now teaches flying lessons, and she doesn't necessarily get along that great with her in laws.

Each of those things plays a role not only in her current mindset but in how she handles seeing her dead husband on film when he's supposed to be six feet under. And though she's not sure if it's all in her head or if it's someone messing with her, she aims to find out!

I dare you not to get totally engrossed in this one. In fact, I dare you to try and abandon it after reading the first chapter. I'm willing to bet you won't be able!

Rating: 4/5

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