Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Orbs II: Stranded by Nicholas Sansbury Smith

The team at Cheyenne Mountain is still fighting for survival in this second installment of Nicholas Sansbury Smith's Orbs trilogy.

So far, Sophie and her team haven't had any contact or news about the other biospheres. They know they're out there but they have no idea if they're still up and running and given everything Cheyenne Mountain has gone through the odds aren't in the other biospheres' favor. But now they've had a transmission - contact with a survivor on the run from the organics. At the same time, their drone has given them a glimpse of a new aspect of the organics' activity - humans are being herded to a holding space near enough for Overton and his soldiers to attempt a recovery. What's more, Overton has caught sight of at least one of his former team members at this human farm. 

Sophie is against any mission that puts them at risk with the organics, but when Jeff is taken she has no choice. Now all she can do is hope that the weapon they've been working to develop will work against the beings that have so far devastated Earth and almost wiped out mankind.

Oh, things are not looking good for our survivors! At least this time, though, there's evidence of other survivors. One of the California biosphere's people escaped and is trekking his way across the wasteland of the United States. Cheyenne Mountain has had brief contact with him, but aren't sure if he's still out there or if he's been sucked dry by the organics like everyone else. And it's not like they have the resources to really go after him either.

Things closer to home are bad enough and it's Overton himself who kind of allows Jeff to be taken - ignoring Sophie's orders meant to keep the biosphere safe. Considering they've been breached once before I found Overton's stubbornness more than a big frustrating. He did redeem himself in the book, but AGH! Seriously! A smoke break!

Ok, I'm over it.

A lot of cool things happen in this second of the series. Sophie continues to have her strangely prophetic dreams - leaving us with even more questions about the organics themselves. Then there are the other survivors...

With just one more installment to go, I can't even predict what will happen next. I can say this e series is highly addicting and super fun. And while the series is still e book only, the folks over at Simon451 have recently released an all-in-one omnibus. ("Solar Storms" is not included but the other two e shorts and all three books are.)

Rating: 3/5

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