Friday, April 3, 2015

Short Fiction Friday: The Demon by Douglas Nicholas

I did warn y'all that I would be binging on this series this week! Overkill or not, I also read this little e short this week. It's fun - doesn't add much to the series as a whole, but it is a nice bonus. Plus, it's free and includes a sample of The Wicked to give you a further taste of Nicholas's work.

The knights of Castle Blanchefontaine have been tasked with a possibly deadly mission: a merchant passing through the area reported that he and his guards were set upon by a great demon and his minions. They ran, leaving behind their wagon, and sought shelter at Blanchefontaine. Now, the castellan and his man must confront this evil head on if their lands are ever to be safe again. 

Again, this one serves as just a freebie bonus. It's super short on its own - even with The Wicked sample it's only around 40 pages in length. It was nice to see the men-at-arms of Blanchefontaine and Sir Balthasar in action.

I really wanted to include it this week for those of you that might be on the fence and curious about the series - it's a no risk sample :)

You can download "The Demon" from any e book retailer here.

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