Friday, November 1, 2013

To See or Not to See: About Time

Ok, I'm going to head this up and go ahead and say this is a 100% highly recommended definite see in my opinion. Technically the movie is in limited release this Friday and everywhere next week. Mike and I were lucky enough to get early screening tickets *for free* (I have no idea how or why, but we did and I was THRILLED). So we actually saw this a couple of weeks ago. I loved it, you guys, and so did hubs!

The year he turns 21, Tim learns that the men in his family have a particularly interesting ability: they can travel in time. Only into the past and only in their own lifetime, but even still the possibilities are endless. Tim's first use of it is to rectify the previous night's New Year's Eve party where he spurned a young lady at the toll of midnight and subsequently felt awful about it. That fixed, he decides his power will be used to help him find love. And so it does, but every change he makes affects something else, complicating Tim's life a little further. 

The movie stars Domhnall Gleeson (you may recognize him from Harry Potter) in the lead role as Tim and Rachel McAdams as his love interest Mary. Bill Nighy plays Tim's dad, Lindsay Duncan is Tim's mom, and Lydia Wilson (who is new to me but we'll hopefully see in Dirk Gently - if it comes to TV in the States) plays Tim's sister. 

About Time is the perfect rom com! First and foremost, it's British so it's full of their particularly fabulous blend of funny and romantic. Normally I would never consider dragging hubs out to see a romantic movie unless it happens to be something like Bridesmaids (where the romance element is second to the raunchy comedy). Though I do make him watch both Bridget Jones' Diary and Love Actually just about every Christmas. Coincidentally About Time is directed by Richard Curtis, the same director as Love Actually so I didn't feel so guilty about taking Mike.

And as I said, he really did enjoy it. He says he's not actually disliked anything with Bill Nighy, so that was a plus in About Time's favor from the start. Other comic relief comes from Tom Hollander who plays Harry, a disgruntled playwright, and Tim's various friends.

The movie is much more than a simple boy meets girl love story, though, in that Tim's got some other family things to face down as well. But while I certainly teared up at the end, the movie has way more heartfelt and funny moments than downright sad ones. Cast, script, and direction are all really fantastic. I have no complaints, only praise to give to this movie.

Amidst the many, many movies Mike and I have seen this year, About Time is tied up with The Way, Way Back as far as best I've seen in 2013! Go see it!

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Kelly said...

I cannot wait to see this! I rarely go to the movies anymore because it's so expensive, but I'm probably going to end up paying to see this one. I love Rachel McAdams and her movies always make me feel good :) Glad to know you liked it!