Saturday, March 23, 2013

Pre Pub Book Buzz: The Orphan by Christopher Ransom

I'm bringing back Pre Pub Book Buzz -- or Books I'm Stoked About -- Saturdays! Why? Because there are always a ton of upcoming releases I can't wait to read and Saturdays are kind of a free day to do promote those.

I always look forward to summer. When I was a kid, it meant no school. As an adult, it means the sweltering sunny days I love so much. For the past few years it's also meant I can expect a new release from one of my favorite horror authors, Christopher Ransom. This year is no exception! Ransom's latest, The Orphan,  is due out August 15 from Sphere (UK only). 

Here's a bit about the book from the publisher's page:

The latest terrifying domestic horror masterpiece from the bestselling author of The Birthing House and The People Next Door

The truth is more terrible than you can imagine.

Darren and Beth Dunn dreamed of having a son. So when Darren accidentally runs over and nearly kills young runaway Adam, the couple take in the troubled child and give him shelter in their home.

With an easy smile and a loveable nature, Adam is a dream addition to the family, but as his influence in the household grows, Darren begins to find himself haunted by the image of a boy from his childhood, a boy who went missing decades earlier.

As dark secrets are revealed, the Dunn's happy home becomes the hunting ground for an unspeakable evil.

There's no point locking the door.

There's no use shutting out the night.

Because the orphan is already there.

Dare you read to the end of The Orphan? Discover the chilling new novel from the author of The Birthing House and The People Next Door.

I can't wait! Ransom is local here in CO but many of his books are UK only (with the exception of The Birthing House and Killing Ghost the Cemetery Dance edition of The Haunting of James Hastings). Fortunately in this day an age it's pretty easy to order internationally. 

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Lectus said...

It sounds really interesting. Reminds me of the movie "the orphan" :-)