Friday, August 17, 2012

Autumn: Purification by David Moody

Sorry I've been quiet of late, folks. It's been a kind of nuts week! I've got a BIG project at work that's moving along pretty nicely but I'm beat at the end of the day. Plus, I've been a little blue: all of my sisters are in college now *sniff* -- they're getting all grown up so fast!

Anywho, we've got a nice cool snap that has me in the mood for fall, which puts me in the mood for horror reads! I have some I desperately need to get to really soon, including David Moody's final two Autumn titles.

If you've not read Autumn and Autumn: The City stop now. Beware of spoilers! Here's the link to my post on Autumn: The City if you're interested (no worries, it's parallel to Autumn and won't ruin that one for you.)

The survivors from Autumn and Autumn: The City have finally come together and are holed up in a military bunker. Unfortunately, the soldiers in said bunker have been cut off from the virus and are not immune, making things complicated for the groups. As the dead swarm above, the survivors come to the conclusion that they must soon move on. Their opportunity comes when the soldiers begin a mass attack on the horde outside.

Third in the series of five presents new challenges to the growing group. The interaction with the military was brief. Not sure if this element will return (though they're kind of doomed anyway). The end of Purification was great, though, and I look forward to what comes next for these poor survivors!

Hope everyone has a great weekend and some good books to keep them company through it. I have some grand reads in mind chez moi :)

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