Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wednesday already!

I might have mentioned a few days ago that we finally sat down and watched ALL of Game of Thrones. I may also have mentioned that I've become a bit obsessed. It's true. I'm in fantasy mode! But I've got review books stacked sky high for the next couple of weeks. Amazingly, there are some fantasy books there. Here's the first one I've dived into to satisfy the Game craving:

Theft of Swords by Michael J. Sullivan is the first in a trilogy. Wait, that's not entirely true. Michael J. Sullivan initially self-publishing his Riyria Revelations as six individual installments. The books have since been picked up by the wonderful folks over at Orbit and combined into three volumes. So, this first volume actually includes the first two of Sullivan's stories -- The Crown Conspiracy and Avempartha.

In Theft, we are introduced to Royce and Hadrian, a pair of talented thieves who call themselves Riyria. Tales of their exploits have spread across the realm and now they've been hired to break into the palace grounds to steal a sword. The job looks to be on the up and up, but the two soon find themselves the prime suspects in the King's murder.

Crown Conspiracy, the first half of Theft of Swords, serves as a setup for the rest of the book. Introducing the characters, the setting, the legends (which are pretty cool). It also makes the three volume approach really appealing since you get to move right on with the story immediately. Volume two, Rise of Empire, is out now (I've not gotten to it just yet), and volume three, Heir of Novron, is due out at the end of the month.

Orbit also recently released John R. Fultz's Seven Princes, currently warming my nightstand, and I'm doing the antsy pantsy dance in anticipation of Gail Z. Martin's Dread due out in February. I love, love, loved book one in her Fallen Kings Cycle and desperately need to read the Chronicles of the Necromancer books as well. And then there are those three honking George R. R. Martin books waiting in the wings! And in April, season 2 comes back.

Doing some genre bouncing this week as well with my bookmark currently resting in Neal Baer and Jonathan Greene's Kill Switch. So many books!

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