Friday, July 1, 2011

Historical Copycats

When I was a student, I became temporarily obsessed with the Jack the Ripper case. I mean, who doesn't? (I was a Criminal Justice student and my research was for a paper I was writing.) Since that time, I've come across some additional crazies that have confounded folks historically, but I think Jack's appeal is that there really is no way to prove who he was. And I don't think that anyone wants to know his real identity. I think everyone wants to come up with their own theory and if it's every truly solved, that will end.

Anyway, I bring up Jack because I've just finished reading S.J. Bolton's latest, which features a modern-day Jack the Ripper copycat. And now I'm starting Holly Luhning's Quiver, a book with an Elizabeth of Bathory theme. So I'm amidst historic copycats at the moment : )

Now You See Me is about a London cop, Lacey Flint, who literally stumbles onto a stabbing. Lacey, who's moonlighting in an effort to get the attention of a specific division she hopes to work for after her training period is up, wasn't supposed to be there. The victim, a woman who dies in Lacey's arms, is only later tied to Jack the Ripper -- when a reporter receives a modern version of the famous "Dear Boss" letter. As the connections fall into place, though, Lacey realizes that she herself may soon be deemed a suspect. Now it's up to Lacey to catch the killer or risk having her own secrets exposed.

I loved it! Lacey as a character was fantastic. She's got secrets -- secrets from those around her, but also secrets she hides from the reader. The Jack the Ripper theory is excellent and plausible and the twist in the plot, because almost every great thriller has one, is a little expected in some ways, but works oh, so well!

Definitely on my recommended list! I have high hopes for Quiver as well and will keep you posted.

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